About Us

MAT BAO At a glance

Why “Mat Bao”? 
Though Mat Bao is a company working in technology, its name is derived from… music inspiration. When starting up his business, Mr Lê Hải Bình (Chairman presently) accidentally caught the strong and lively tone of Storm by Venessa Mae, just like his determination at that time. Then, he decided to name the company Bao (Storm), and the official one is Mat Bao (the Eye of Storm). 
Mat Bao is the central region of a strong tropical cyclone where is mostly calm. It represents that Mat Bao always wants its employees and customers to experience the most peaceful place and not mind the circumstances around. 

What we do
Mat Bao is widely known as a company in the range of information technology such as online data center, Vietnam and International domain name registrar, hosting, Cloud server, management applications, web infrastructure, web solutions, etc. What’s more, Mat Bao takes its pride to be part of the market of providing business process outsourcing services (BPO) – human resources and customer care.
What philosophy: On the way to #1
A number of companies have been finding they are #1. Not Mat Bao, it always changes and challenges itself time after time. When reaching a milestone, Mat Bao will instantly set another one, further and harder. Therefore, it’s no doubt that Mat Bao will never be #1, but on the way there, always.